Those 9 Kids
Those 9 Kids

//This is a Roleplay blog mmkay? mmkay.
Welcome to the wonderfully strange and crazy world of nine of the most crazy teenagers known to their small town. They are the ones that make you say "Damn, why did I take the blue pill." or in this case the blue moving truck down to this small Canada town.
These are the Girls:
Dandy, Monroe, Lyo, Lyra, Zele, Kalel, Textris, Dextre, and Vixen.
Enjoy your stay!
//known faceclaims: Bibi Barbaric, Varena Schizophrenia, Ledabear.
//hey guys! This is an announcement. 
Well recently I have acquired some new characters and I was thinking of adding them to this. Wadda you think?
While you make your decision have a MattG c:
Vixen: she sat in her room enjoying the daylight as she waited for her skype to work. She was attempting to call her friend, Ditch who never seemed to fucking pick up. 
“He hasn’t changed.” She chuckled as the call disconnected. She decided to step out for a bit and walked outside. While walking through the neighbourhood she noticed someone was moving in. She walked up to see who it was.
She sipped her Frappe and waited for her friends to emerge from Hottopic. She sighed and brushed the pink half of her hair out of her face. Suddenly someone came up from behind her.
She stared at her camera her face dangerously close.
“Is it on?”
“Yes.” Replied Textris and they began the video. Halfway through a knock interupted them
She sat in her room waiting for her dad’s pickup truck to pull into the driveway. She was going with her friend, Dandy, on a trip to Vancouver. The trip was originally just for Dandy to see her cousin, Textris, but since Dextre had nothing better to do over to cold winter break she was allowed to come. Dextre had already packed all of her things including her computer so she could skype Vixen while she was away. The car pulled into the driveway just as Dextre finished hauling her suitcase down the hall, and her dad walked into the door.
“You ready to go?” He asked her, smiling. She nodded and pulled her suitcase down the steps. 
She stood out drinking her hot chocolate and watching the cars go across the rode. From the little green island she was standing on she could see both directions of traffic. She wasn’t going anywhere, she just liked to sit and watch the cars. It was a strange passtime but Textris wasn’t one to enjoy company. She wasn’t talkative, and because of her condition she wasn’t good at communicating with others. She could only talk fluently around her parents and her cousin, Dandy. Something about other people, even her friends, just was hard for her. So she chose the company of passing cars over othee people. Luckily, Dandy would be in town soon so she wouldn’t have to be lonely for long. Sometimes all she wanted was a friend she could actually talk to.
Dandy sat on her bed in her Totoro snuggie whilst dubstep blared loudly through her computer. She was fixing up some cat makeup for no reason other than she wanted to walk around with cat make up. She was always that way, random and strange. Of course people liked her for that. It helped brighten people’s days a bit to see a girl in a Totoro snuggie mewing to Skrillex. Suddenly a knock on her door attracted her attention. She walked over and opened the door.
The pink haired female sat on her bed awaiting the arrival of her friend, Lyo, so that they could finish their project. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the doorbell rang. Vixen hopped up and opened the door letting her purple haired friend in. Lyo shook the droplets out of her hair and clothes and walked down the hall to Vixen’s room.
"Do you have the project saved on file?" She asked as she turned on the big PC on Vixen’s desk.
"Yes it’s under the ‘Projects’ folder." Vixen replied grabbing them both some cola and sitting down on the beanbag chair next to her. Both of them then started working on their project
Lyo had just finished up her skype call with her boyfriend. The long distance relationship was hard on both of them, but they did their best to manage. Yet it was easier to keep secrets, and that was what Lyo was worried about. According to her old friend, her boyfriend was a liar and a cheater, and didn’t actually love her. Seeing as this friend and her didn’t get along anymore, Lyo associated this warning with jealousy. But that didn’t stop her paranoia. She sighed and clicked out of skype, and decided to surf around on Youtube. After minutes wasted on cat videos and dubstep, she decided to go visit her friend, Vixen, who was supposed to be home by now. Whenever she got her nagging paranoia she always counted on her friends to distract her. Besides she had to be over at Vixen’s to finish a school project anyways. She brushed out her hair and filled a carrycup full of tea, then she headed out the door. Sad to find it was raining, she reluctantly walked to her car. She wasn’t a health nut, but something about walking or running the mile and a half to Vixen’s was more appealing than the 3 minute drive. Still she didn’t want to injure herself so she walked into the car.
“And… I’m….. done.” Lyra mumbled to herself as she finished editing her video for the school project. Her partener had refused to show up at her house because of the rain and she was stuck doing the job herself. Sighing she stood up, grabbed her car keys, and ran out the door. She hopped into her Chevvy and drovw off into the blinding rain. At that moment all the girl wanted was a nice cup of coffee. She drove until she came to the Starbucks™ near her house and parked right up front. Expectantly, people had gotten the same idea as Lyra and many had taken the good spots by the front door. She eventually found a close spot, that was actually closer to the movie theatre, and stumbled in. She ordered her latte and sat down to text her friends. She looked out at her car and decided that maybe later she’d go and see a movie.